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The Northville PARADE BAND

Swervy World

"Thank you to you and the band for Saturday. You are officially our diplomatic corp! Both the music and the costumes went down really well"

Sara. Events Manager, Haverhill Arts Centre

Inspired by New Orleans Mardi Gras street parades, 2nd line bands and college bands throughout the USA
The Northville Parade Band' is a comparatively small band, yet does its best to make a big impact wheresoever it goes.
Playing while on the move, the band are
suitable for street fairs, openings, closings, or any event where a spectacle is required.

Northville Parade Band comes in two variations, Either as a an abridged four piece version (as shown in the video) or alternatively, (if the budget allows), with additional brass, percussion, dancers, tumblers, umbrella carriers and a macebearer. 

The band has its own colours shipped over from Northville, Michigan.
Based on military uniforms from 1809.

As an alternative, on request, we can make costumes (and music) to match a specific theme.

Past parade themes include: 

Easter Bunnies * Halloween * Guy Fawkes

Please ask if you would like to discuss a specific theme for your event. 

Guy Fawkes Band.
Easter Parade Band
Halloween Band.

 All enquiries please Email...

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