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Stephane Spitz

Do you need that last minute stand in saxophonist who can pull the magic out of the bag just when it is required?
I am here to help.

"When my sax player went ill hours before a gig I knew exactly who my first call would be to. I had no hesitation booking Stephane for two gigs on consecutive days and considering the lack of time to practice together he fitted right in. He is a great musician, good listener, fast learner, great improviser and vocalist and with his natural flare and humour was everything we were looking for. I look forward to collaborating in the future and recommend his services to anybody."

Brian Butler, Trombonist and band leader with 'Jazz Incorporated'. 7th May 2024

"Stephane was an absolute pleasure to have on our wedding gig on Saturday. He came in as a dep last minute, we had never met before the wedding and he absolutely smashed it. A great musician who fitted in to the band perfectly, it felt like we had always played together. On top of that he's a lovely guy who was great fun to have around on the evening. Super easy to work with and brilliant at what he does. I look forward to playing together again in the future."

Alysha Hutchings - lead singer with 'Nightshift' 22nd September 2023

What you are booking is 44 years practice and 30 years professional experience. 
A lot of soul, ska and Jazz standards I already have committed to memory. 
If I am to learn something new then I am a fast learner with a good ear.  
Being a full time musician affords me time to learn, memorise and internalise parts and arrangements.

I cut my teeth in the 80's and 90's playing in rock'n'roll and skiffle bands, I do not read music, I am self taught and play completely by ear. 

When it comes to improvisation, I have a bluesy rhythmical and fairly rudimentary 'meat and potatoes' style.
During a performance, I am thinking about what I can do to make the whole band rock and swing, searching out that
hook-line, or assisting in helping the audience to get up on their feet (or wheels) and have a good time.

I am not strictly a jazz player, although I do play a lot of  jazz!

If I feel I am not able to do justice to a job then I will decline the work. I know my limitations! 


Current Deps
'The Iron Boot Scrapers'. Edwardian pop cabaret band

'Back To The Shack'. Boogie woogie/zydeco band

'Jazz Incorporated'. Traditional Jazz Band. 

Studio Sessions: 
Ezra Lee & Linda Gail Lewis - 2 sides for double A side E.P. (released in USA and Australia)
Scotty Baker - 2 sides for album 'Lady Killer'. (Released in Australia and UK)
The Weeping Willows - 4 sides for an album (Released in Sweden)  
BBC TV series 'Down To Earth' recording for a scene with Tony Hadleigh. 

Past band work:
'Alkasalsa' salsa band 1991-92

'Urban Ravioli' skiffle/ska band 1991-94

'Roxy's Toolbox' skiffle band 1994 -96 

'Swervy World' (my own band) 1994 - present day. 

'Jonny Greens Blues Cowboys'. A couple of weeks in 2000 and again in 2001 (Dep)

'Badness' Ska/Madness tribute band. Summer tour '2008'

'Rusty Steele & The Red Hot Wranglers' - at The Rhythm Riot. November 2009 (Dep)

'UK Boogie-Woogie Festival' house band July 2018 and 2019.

'Diz & The Doormen' - boogie woogie rhythm & blues band. 2018 - 2019 (Dep)

'The Nightshift' wedding band Sept' 2023 (Dep)
'Free To Roam' roaming band Sept' 2023 (Dep)
'Johan Blohm and band - Laroquabrou Boogie Woogie Festival Aug' 2023 (Dep)
'The Devils Cut Combo' - rhythm & blues band July 2023 (Dep)

Dep = Deputy. i.e. not a full time band member.   

All enquiries please write to

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