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Stephane Spitz

I started music at age five with a classical training in Cello.
Both my parents were musicians and music has always been a part of family life.
In school I joined the school orchestra and then I took up first banjelele and then blues harp. 
I took up saxophone at age 16 and the instrument has been the defining part of me ever since.
Currently I play a 1930 Martin tenor and a 1928 Beuscher Bass. 
I have been in full time employment as a musician, band leader and street theatre director since 1994.

All the shows on this site are for hire.
What you are booking is 43 years of experience.

On agreeing to take on a booking, I will check every detail to ensure everything goes to plan.

I often find myself going way beyond expectations in order to make stunning shows happen.
Days, weeks and sometimes months go into planning shows from the very first email to the very last receipt.
Many of my clients are repeat bookers coming back year after year, or for each and every special milestone.

Many bookings are from town and city councils who book me for my experience in running street music/theatre events and parade bands. 
The musicians I employ are my trustworthy team, 
carefully selected for their musical excellence, their reliability in fulfilling the herculean tasks I ask of them, - rare musicians for being willing and able to traverse the length and breadth of the land in order to reach a performance destination.   

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